AZ Actuarial Services

AZ Actuarial Services help businesses determine, assess and plan for the financial impact of risk. AZ Actuarial Services create, use and report to our clients mathematical and statistical models to evaluate and reduce risk in the insurance, healthcare and finance industries.

Our predictive modeling and product development AZ Actuarial Services help determine the impact of rate setting, product development, valuation, underwriting and other essential aspects of ensuring long-term successful sustainable profits for

  • life and health insurance companies
  • health and welfare plans
  • medical provider organizations
  • health care systems
  • health maintenance organizations (HMO's)
  • preferred provider organizations (PPO's)
  • dental plans
  • vision plans,
  • self-funded plans
  • regulatory authorities
  • and expert witness testimony.

In addition, our regulatory compliance, merger & acquisition and expert witness services alleviate issues that could otherwise be catastrophic.

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